What is a Mini C-Arm?

In 2004 Mini C-Arms or mobile c-arms came into the medical imaging market to help with orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and pediatric imaging. The smaller and mobile Mini-C-Arm gives high-quality digital images that can be sent to multiple locations simultaneously and can be dispatched far away without being deformed.

Mini C-Arms

Just like popular brands GE Model 9600 to 9900 C-Arms have most of the market. Mini C-Arms that are most common are also a GE Brand Models OEC 6600 and OEC 6800, both have excellent modern fluoroscopy devices.  

Advantages of Mini C-Arms

  1. No Radiographer Specialist needed. Mini C-Arms are surgeon-operated.
  2. Reduces delays and can lower surgery cost.
  3. Reduces screening time and less scattered radiation for patients, surgeon, and staff.
  4. Mobile and more compact (smaller in size than C-Arms).
  5. Accurate and enhanced maneuverability.
  6. Cost a lot less than a C-Arm machine4.


Mini C-Arms generate smaller detector areas, a tight beam that lines up, uses less laser power and uses pulse fluoroscopy. It is very easy to use, compact, mobile, making it perfect for orthopedic procedures, such as hands, ankle and foot surgery. The same fluoroscopy technology is used in stem cell therapy. More commonly it is used for fractures, needle-guided procedures and Injections. Unlike a conventional C-Arm, the Mini C-Arm can only be used for extremity surgery. While a C-Arm can be used for axial and extremity surgery. C-Arms image quality is superior as well as it has a larger x-ray generator and a larger field of view.

Speak to a C-Arm Specialist

Is your medical practice, healthcare facility, clinic or hospital lookin to add a mini C-Arml?  If you have questions on Mini C-ARMs or any medical imaging equipment the best thing to do is call a C-ARM specialist immediately. Ask as many questions as possible and have an idea of your budget and especially what type of procedures you plan to do with your Mini C-ARM Machine.

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