Versatility in Focus: How Used C-Arms Empower Various Medical Specialties


In the realm of medical imaging, the C-Arm stands as a pivotal instrument, providing dynamic radiographic capabilities that are integral to a multitude of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This mobile imaging device has become indispensable across various medical specialties, offering real-time, high-resolution X-ray visuals crucial for the precise execution of interventions. Pacific Health USA takes pride in equipping healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art used and refurbished C-Arms, ensuring a blend of cost-effectiveness and high performance. Here, we delve into the diverse applications of C-Arms and how they contribute to advancing patient care in different medical fields.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

In orthopedic surgery and traumatology, the C-Arm offers unparalleled assistance. Whether it's aligning a complex fracture or confirming the positioning of orthopedic hardware during a procedure, the C-Arm provides real-time feedback that is essential for successful outcomes. For instance, during a recent hip replacement surgery, a C-Arm from Pacific Health USA enabled the surgical team to visualize joint alignment and implant placement accurately, reducing the patient's time under anesthesia and enhancing recovery prospects.

Cardiovascular Interventions

Cardiovascular specialists rely heavily on the imaging prowess of C-Arms during angiographies, stent insertions, and other catheter-based procedures. The real-time imaging facilitates the navigation of vessels and the precise deployment of stents or balloons, which is critical in the treatment of vascular diseases. The C-Arm's capability to track contrast media flow through the coronary arteries allows cardiologists to identify blockages and assess the efficacy of the intervention immediately.

Gastroenterology and Endoscopy

In the delicate landscape of gastroenterology, C-Arms serve as the eyes of the endoscopist during procedures such as Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). This procedure necessitates the use of fluoroscopy, provided by the C-Arm, to guide and position endoscopic tools for the treatment of bile duct stones and strictures. The high-resolution imaging ensures that the endoscopist can perform these intricate procedures with precision, minimizing patient risk and improving recovery times.

Urology and Nephrology

Urologists and nephrologists utilize C-Arms for a variety of procedures, including the removal of kidney stones and the placement of urinary stents. The C-Arm's imaging facilitates the localization of calculi and guides lithotripsy devices to break down stones effectively. For example, a patient suffering from recurrent kidney stones underwent a less invasive procedure using a Pacific Health USA provided C-Arm, leading to a swift and successful stone removal without the need for open surgery.


Neurosurgery is an arena where precision is non-negotiable. C-Arms are employed to guide minimally invasive spinal surgeries and pain management injections. The device's ability to provide live feedback is vital in avoiding critical structures of the nervous system while ensuring the intervention targets the intended area. The application of C-Arms in neurosurgical procedures not only increases the safety profile but also shortens the duration of the surgery and enhances recovery time.

Used C-Arms are the solution.

The C-Arm's versatile nature makes it a cornerstone technology in modern medicine, transcending specialty boundaries and enhancing the quality of patient care. With the dynamic imaging solutions they provide, C-Arms have become an extension of the clinician's expertise. At Pacific Health USA, we understand the critical role these devices play in your practice. We offer a curated selection of used and refurbished C-Arms that meet the rigorous demands of medical diagnostics and treatment, ensuring that you can deliver the best care to your patients without compromise.

For healthcare facilities considering the acquisition of a C-Arm, whether for expanding services or replacing aging equipment, we invite you to explore our inventory. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your specialty's needs. To discuss how our C-Arms can integrate into your practice, or to view our available models, please reach out to us. Pacific Health USA is committed to your success, providing imaging solutions that cater to your precise requirements.

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