Upgrading C-Arms

Upgrading C-Arms will help hospital CEO’s and radiologists under pressure to reduce funds without reducing the quality of imaging systems.  Radiologists are predicting a spike in fluoroscopic cases in 2022 -2024, and c-arms will need to be in good working order to meet demands.  The predicted increase in fluoroscopic procedures could overtax an older c-arm, causing repairs during high volumes.

However, there is no reason to purchase a brand new C-Arm.  You can just replace the image intensifier and the x-ray tube generator for a fraction of the cost.  The hospital’s biomed team can replace locks, brakes, and cables.

Upgrading C-Arms

Upgrading C-Arms

Upgrading C-Arms vs Purchasing a New One:

  • A C-Arm upgrade will increase the life of an existing unit.  To take quality images, just replace the image intensifier and the x-ray tube.
  • Additional training is not required.
  • Will not interfere with clinical workflow.
  • You can use the existing cables and wires, which eliminates compatibility issues on a new c-arm.

Purchasing an upgraded, used, or refurbished C-Arm does not mean you are purchasing someone else’s problems.  In fact, upgrading a C-Arm is a cost effective way to purchase quality equipment without overpaying top dollar for a new C-Arm.

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