The Future of Radiology

Technology in the medical sector is moving at an amazing pace, giving radiologists, doctors, and surgeons astounding accuracy when it comes to diagnosing and treating disease. Something radiologists should never fear, however, is the advancement of machine learning and automation. The human element will always be present in medicine, perhaps not in reading the images they take but in solving the problems that arise. As medical science better understands the environment in and around tumors, for example, the precise computer-guided imagery will be a vital part of oncology research and treatment selection.

Radiology has been and will continue to be essential in minimizing invasiveness and recovery times. As computer science guides imaging to better and better accuracy, training and specialization will be required to take full advantage of the improvements.

Hricak Hedvig, MD, Ph.D. published an article in Radiology entitled “Beyond Imaging—Radiology of Tomorrow”, and said: “Change is imminent, and it will bring both challenges and opportunities. If we embrace computer science innovations, there are good reasons to believe that technologic advances will increase rather than reduce the importance of our profession.”

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