The Advantages of Leasing or Renting a C-Arm

The Advantages of Leasing or Renting a C-Arm
The Advantages of Leasing or Renting a C-Arm

When it comes to expanding or upgrading your medical facility’s imaging capabilities, buying a brand-new C-Arm isn’t the only avenue available. In fact, many healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to renting or leasing as a viable alternative. So, why should you consider this option? Let’s delve into the numerous advantages of leasing or renting a C-Arm from Pacific Health USA.

A Flexible Approach: Short-Term or Long-Term Needs

Renting a C-Arm is typically considered a short-term option, perfect for medical practices that are still exploring their needs. Whether you’re a startup, an educational lab, or simply looking to conduct some market research, a rental is an excellent way to gauge what kind of equipment best suits your operational requirements without a long-term financial commitment.

Comprehensive Service Coverage: More than Just a Machine

One of the remarkable benefits of renting from Pacific Health USA is the extensive service coverage that comes with it. This not only includes the basics like parts and labor but also covers travel expenses related to servicing the equipment. Furthermore, each rental comes with an in-depth session with an engineer who walks you through the machine’s functionalities and answers any questions you may have.

Financial Flexibility: Improve Cash Flow and Credit

For newer practices or those looking to better manage cash flow, the financial flexibility of renting is invaluable. There’s no need to make a massive initial investment, freeing up capital for other aspects of your business. Renting can also be a stepping stone to improving your facility’s credit rating, further enhancing your future purchasing power.

Buyout Options: Best of Both Worlds

Many healthcare providers are drawn to the idea of a ‘try before you buy’ approach, and this is where Pacific Health USA’s rental options shine. A portion of your rental payments often counts toward the eventual purchase of the equipment, should you decide to make it a permanent addition to your facility. This way, you don’t lose out on the investment made during the rental period.

Duration Matters: Make an Informed Choice

The length of time you anticipate needing the C-Arm should guide your decision. Rentals are generally more cost-effective for needs that are less than a year. However, renting doesn’t lock you out from the possibility of future ownership, offering a sensible first step even if long-term use is on the horizon.

Expert Guidance: We’re Here to Help

Feeling indecisive? No worries! Pacific Health USA has a team of medical imaging experts ready to assist you in making the most informed decision for your practice. With years of experience in the field, we’re more than capable of helping you find the ideal medical imaging solution.

For a personalized consultation or to discuss your specific needs, don’t hesitate to Contact Pacific Health USA or CALL: 1-877-283-3154.

Final Thoughts

Leasing or renting a C-Arm from Pacific Health USA offers a multitude of benefits ranging from financial flexibility to comprehensive service coverage. It provides an excellent opportunity to assess the equipment’s fit for your practice without long-term financial obligations. So the next time you’re evaluating options for acquiring a C-Arm, remember that leasing or renting could be the perfect fit for your needs. Call Us! 877-283-3154.