New C-Arms

Below you will find a list of our current New C-Arms for sale. If you have any questions about any of our new c-arm systems or If you don’t see the new c-arm that you are looking for, please call us today! 877-283-3154 New C-Arm image for illustration only. Actual item may not be pictured.…

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Siemens Mobile MRI Comparison Guide

sell your imaging equipment

In today’s fast moving medical landscape, imaging facilities often consider renting a mobile MRI system. A mobile imaging system is most likely the largest equipment your imaging practice will ever have delivered. Siemens is a very popular imaging brand when it comes to which MRI machines mobile providers are installing in their mobile clinic. As…

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A guide to buying Refurbished Medical Equipment – Good Refurbishment Practices to know

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Refurbished medical imaging equipment represent a vital component of today’s healthcare technology market. By purchasing refurbished equipment, hospitals and health clinics are able to upgrade diagnostic capability, and patients benefit from increased accuracy in diagnosis, at a fraction of the cost of a new system. However, regulators, customers, and industry have lacked a common understanding…

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Old Analog Used C-Arm – Sending to Network

old analog used c-arm

Old analog used C-Arm, the imaging workhorses for many facilities. They often get the most use because of their portability and versatility. These old C-arms do have their limitations, mostly in image storage and image transfer capabilities from c-arm to network. This article will help you navigate these issues with a few simple how-to measures…

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Selecting a Used C-Arm: Things to look for

Buying Refurbished - Used C-Arm

Selecting a C-Arm for your healthcare business can be a challenging task. There are many things to consider when buying a C-Arm. First and foremost, the cost of acquisition is something most healthcare businesses will have to consider. The advantage of buying a previously used C-Arm or refurbished C-Arm is the lower cost to acquire.…

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Looking to Buy Used C-arm?

If you are in the market to purchase a used c-arm you may feel overwhelmed in how many choices you have. If you need a c-arm for pain management or cardio procedures there is first your finances to consider.  If would be nice to own a new c-arm which can cost as much as $160,000…

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Best C-Arms for Pain Management


Benefits Of Buying Used/Refurbished C-Arms What is a C-Arm? A C-Arm is a mobile fluoroscopy machine or most often referred to as a medical imaging intensifier. The name C-Arm comes from the C-shaped arm that is connected to an x-ray source and x-ray detector. It can be used flexibly in various clinics but is more…

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4 C-Arms Perfect for Orthopedic Surgery

major c-arm manufacturers

4 C-Arms from GE, Phillips, Siemens and Ziehm for Orthopedic Treatment When it comes to orthopedic surgery facilities and doctors offices, the use of a c-arm is vital, with the variety of injuries patients suffer. Some injuries are more difficult to get a clear x-ray image of anatomical areas like shoulders or hips. That is…

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Best Flatscreen Enhancement for OEC 9800

OEC Monitor Upgrades

Upgrade CRT monitors for GE OEC C-ARMS When GE first manufactured their OEC 9800 c-arm model they featured, now outdated, CRT monitors. Many medical practices globally favor the GE OEC 9800 c-arm machine, but in a modern world of flatscreen TV’s and  computer screens, the standard CRT monitors just don’t keep up with the times.…

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Difference in C-Arms Between Siemens, Philips, GE

Major C-Arm

What is the Difference in C-Arms between Siemens, Philips, and  GE C-Arms? Recently we had a Pain Management center looking for a used c-arm for their new facility in Irvine, CA. Never having purchased any medical imaging equipment, they wanted to know the difference between the major brands and wanted the best quality c-arms for…

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Benefits of Philips Pulsera C-Arm

Pulsera Mobile C-Arm the Best Alternative to OEC 9800 When it comes to the mobile c-arm market the GE OEC brand and models are the most popular in medical facilities. GE might have a large percentage of the mobile c-arm market, but it does have competition. When it comes to an alternative c-arm for the…

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OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm Benefits

GE OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm

OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm – State-of-the-Art Image Quality and User-Friendly Interface: The OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm is designed to deliver superb clinical images during both simple and challenging imaging cases, with fast and easy positioning. See which configuration – based on II size, type of C and optional features – will best meet your clinical…

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GE OEC 9800 C-Arm Benefits

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The GE OEC 9800 is the most popular type of c-arm installed in medical facilities across the world. There are two types of GE OEC 9800 c-arms the original one built from 1999 up to 2002 when the OEC 9800 Plus model. There are a few difference besides age that differentiates between the original OEC…

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Rent or Buy a C-Arm Machine

rent a c-arm

So you are in need of a c-arm machine, but not sure whether to rent or buy a new or used c-arm machine. First, you have to decide what is going to be the primary need is and what budget you have in place. If you are looking for a project, have your c-arm out…

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What is a Mini C-Arm?

In 2004 Mini C-Arms or mobile c-arms came into the medical imaging market to help with orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and pediatric imaging. The smaller and mobile Mini-C-Arm gives high-quality digital images that can be sent to multiple locations simultaneously and can be dispatched far away without being deformed. Mini C-Arms Just like popular brands…

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Functions of a C-Arm Machine

Functions of a C-Arm

Functions of a C-arm Fluoroscopic X-ray System A C-Arm machine is a medical imaging device that is built on x-ray machinery. The “C” in C-Arm comes from the C-shaped arm on the machine. C-Arms are used in an operating room to help get accurate x-rays of neurology procedures, vascular surgery, abdominal repair, percutaneous valve replacement,…

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4 Tips on Buying a Used or Refurbished C-ARM

Anytime you buy anything used or refurbished it comes with some risk as opposed to buying something new. Same goes with medical imaging equipment like C-Arm machines. Before you even start shopping for brands and models of C-Arm machines you want to know what exactly your practice needs from a C-Arm. Here are 4 tips…

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OEC C-ARM Tube – How Long does it Last

dialogistic imaging equipment service

Common Questions: “How long does an OEC C-Arm last?”. To answer the latter, there is no real way to determine how long your used C-Arm tube will live. “What is the best C-Arm for my practice?”  We can help you choose the right type of used C-Arm machine, but to know how long an OEC…

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Tips on Renting a C-ARM

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3 Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a C-ARM Medical Machine Renting any type of medical imaging equipment is unlike renting common things like a Uhaul. Especially when it comes to renting a C-ARM machine you want to make sure an be as prepared as possible. If your C-ARM machine broke down and you need to…

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When it comes to comparing the OEC 9800 vs. OEC 9900 it comes down to a few details since they are over 86% comparable. Both the OEC 9800 vs. OEC 9900 come equipped with several features, but there are some differences especially in price. A new or used OEC 9900 will always cost more than…

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What Used C-ARM to Buy: OEC C-Arms or Philips Pulsera C-Arms?

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Either OEC C-Arm and Philips Pulsera C-Arm Whether you are in the medical field of orthopedics, gastroenterology, cardiology or even dentistry chances are your practice requires c-arm medical imaging equipment. Two popular brands used medical equipment buyers always research are the Philips Pulsera C-Arms and OEC C-Arms. Both manufacturers of…

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Versatility of the Comed KMC-950 C-Arm

KMC-950 C-Arm

When caring for your patients, you want an imaging tool that can give you fast and accurate information. You want a versatile tool that can capture images from almost any angle. The Comed KMC-950 C-Arm is the right tool for the job. Built with ease of movement and use in mind, the Comed KMC-950 comes…

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Radiology Careers in High Demand Again

Here at Pacific Healthcare Imaging, we work closely with radiologists and provide them with the equipment they need to do their jobs. Fifteen years ago, in 2003, demand for radiologists peaked, according to Merritt Hawkins, one of the nation’s largest physician recruiting and placement firm. That year, it was requested more than any other specialty. With…

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Pica – A Horrifying and Fascinating Condition


More than 30 years ago, a woman by the name of Margaret Daalman came into a Rotterdam hospital complaining of a stomach ache. With a single x-ray, the answer to her problem was obvious: an enormous collection of 78 different pieces of silverware (forks and spoons) were sitting in her stomach. Surgeons quickly operated on her and…

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