Siemens C-Arms, Philips C-Arms & GE C-Arms. What’s the Difference

Recently we had a Pain Management center looking for a used c-arm for their new facility in Irvine, CA. Never having purchased any medical imaging equipment, they wanted to know the difference between the major brands and wanted the best quality c-arms for the best price.

We went over the differences between used c-arms and refurbished c-arms. Then we broke down the three major c-arm players: Siemens, GE, Phillips and even alternatives like Ziehm c-arms. Liking all the many c-arms and medical imaging device options we had to offer, they wanted to know the major differences and get the most for their buck!

We decided to breakdown the FAQs when it came to differences between GE c-arms, Siemens c-arms, Phillips c-arms, and other alternative brands.


How much does a c-arm machine cost?

When buying any type of medical equipment the first thing that comes up is the price of a new or used c-arm.

When it comes to the cost of a c-arm what matters the most is the age of the c-arm, features and yes the brand & model do matter. For example, a Philips Pulsera can have the same features as GE OEC 9800 but cost thousands less. Check out our blog post-GE OEC 9800  vs. Phillips Pulsera C-Arm for more details.


How Old is the C-Arm?

The age of any medical imaging machine or equipment is always something to consider especially when buying a used c-arm.  Not just because a brand is the most popular does it make it the most up to date. The most popular brand of c-arm around the world is the GE OEC models. There are much reason the GE OEC 9800 is the most used c-arm in medical facilities. However, the GE OEC 9800 started being manufactured in 1999. Siemens c-arms, on the other hand, started being manufactured in 2005.

The great part about buying any of our c-arm brands you can always trust our 100% quality assurance warranty no matter the age of your medical imaging device.

What features does each c-arm brand have?

Every c-arm brand comes with similar features and differences as well. Siemens c-arms have flat monitors and the GE OEC 9800 can be upgraded to them. Phillips comes with a better price tag for a newer model. The Zheim c-arms are perfect for the smaller medical spaces. All c-arms brand can perform the basic needed scans and images needed. The differences in features are all minor,  but each brand has ideal features for certain medical practices.

Speak to one of our Medical Imaging Specialist to learn what type of c-arm is right for your practice or facility. We have the best quality and prices in the industry. Click here to speak to a c-arm specialist.

How Easy Will it Be to Service my C-Arm?

Believe it or not when operating rooms are looking for a c-arm they need one that is reliable, but also easy to service no matter where you are. In fact, one of the main selling points for the GE ORC 9800 is how easy it is to service and find parts no matter where in the world you are located.

Another reason we are becoming the medical imaging device and equipment industry leaders in our service packages for c-arms.

But I like this C-Arm…

If you already have a brand you like or heard from another medical professional how they like the Phillips c-arm. Our advice is to still go with the c-arm brand that best fits your medical practice.

Buy or Rent a 100% Quality Assured C-Arm

As the leading C-Arm specialist who works with all major brands and imaging equipment, at a wholesale price, we recommend speaking with a specialist if you have more question in the FAQs we covered on c-arms. We offer installation and service your machines anywhere in the United States. We offer savings over 50% from other imaging equipment resellers. For all c-arm models call us at (877)-283-3154 or click here to email us.


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