Sell Your Imaging Equipment

Sell your imaging equipment that is no longer needed/used at your facility to Pacific Healthcare Imaging.   We have been in the business of buying medical equipment for many years and we take care of everything for your facility.  This frees up your time and resources, and returns funds to your facility to offset new equipment purchases.

We know the medical imaging market, and have the resources to refurbish and make any necessary repairs.

Examples of What We Buy:

Ziehm Quantum C-Arm


  • MRI machines.
  • Both single-slice and multi CT scanners.
  • Digital Printer and Scanners.
  • C-Arms and Accessories,
  • X-Rays.
  • MRI’s.
  • Beds

Refurbishment of Imaging Equipment:

After we buy used medical equipment, we refurbish them and offer them for sale or rent.  We have found that refurbished equipment is good alternative to new products, as these systems undergo complete set of industrial procedures and are available with high quality, lower price and manufacturer warranty.  Refurbished products helps hospitals and diagnostics centers reduce the investments on infrastructure.

Market growth is primarily attributed to increasing demand for cost-effective medical imaging equipment, increasing adoption of refurbished equipment in the private healthcare sector, tax incentives, extended service life of refurbished equipment.  There is an increasing demand for low cost medical imaging equipment by small and mid-level hospitals, diagnostic centers and private medical institutions due to lack of enough financial resources.

If you are considering selling your medical imaging equipment, give us a call at Pacific Healthcare Imaging.  We sell and support pre-owned, used and refurbished c-arms and other diagnostic imaging systems for medical facilities. We sell the highest quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment and we specialize in C-ArmsMini C-ArmsPortable Ultrasounds.

Contact us at Pacific Healthcare Imaging, and our technicians will help you acquire the best systems for your facility.  Our high-quality new, used, and refurbished Mini, Compact, and Full-Size C-Arm machines are available at wholesale cost.

Check out our rental plans as well.