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sell your medical equipment

Sell Your Medical Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | August 25, 2021

Pacific Healthcare Imaging has been in the business of selling and servicing medical equipment for many years. However did you know that we also buy back equipment from clinics, hospitals, private physicians and imaging centers?  We do! We are actively looking to buy anything used in  imaging equipment including: MRI machines. Both single-slice and multi…

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Rent Versus Buying Medical Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 22, 2021

Rent versus buying medical equipment is a business decision that varies according to each practice’s unique needs and goals.  Practices will rent medical equipment as a test of actual usage before venturing into a particular service line. Common reasons why medical practices rent equipment: Provide uninterrupted operations while equipment is repaired/recalibrated. You have access to…

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Refurbished Imaging Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 1, 2021
Refurbished Medical equipment

Refurbished imaging equipment is a practical way to upgrade diagnostic capability while meeting your budget goals. Refurbished medical imaging equipment represent a vital component of today’s healthcare technology market. By purchasing refurbished equipment, hospitals and health clinics are able to upgrade diagnostic capability, and patients benefit from increased accuracy in diagnosis, at a fraction of…

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Examples of Types of C-Arms

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | June 24, 2021
types of c-arms

There are four types of C-Arm that vary in sizes and specialization. The four types are Mini C-arm, Compact C-Arms, Full-Size C-Arms, and Super C C-Arms. Mini C-Arm: The Mini C-Arm the common size is 4”/6” image intensifier that specializes in scanning extremities such as hands, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders (depending on the…

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Is It Better to Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment?

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | November 6, 2017
digital images

MRI systems, portable x-rays, c-arms, and other medical equipment is vital for things to run smoothly in your hospital or doctor office, however, it also comes at a price. When a machine starts to malfunction or it’s time for an additional piece of equipment, it’s time to start thinking about budgets and how much you can pay…

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