Rent or Buy a C-Arm Machine

So you are in need of a c-arm machine, but not sure whether to rent or buy a new or used c-arm machine. First, you have to decide what is going to be the primary need is and what budget you have in place. If you are looking for a project, have your c-arm out for maintenance or looking to test models than renting is for you. If you have an immediate need and have a specific practice with a brand and model in mind when you want to buy a c-arm machine. If you are looking to save up to 60% off a used or refurbished c-arm machine is a great way of saving money on medical imagine the equipment.


Renting a C-Arm

Renting a C-Arm is a cost-effective way to test medical imaging technology for practices with a limit budget or that are not sure what type of machine they need.

Renting a C-Arm serves as a cost-effective, low-overhead way to take advantage of x-ray technology without the associated risks of purchasing a C-Arm.

Several medical clinics, x-ray centers, hospitals, and private practices don’t have the amount of capital needed to buy a new c-arm machine or a used c-arm. Without wanting to commit to leasing a c-arm that ends up costing more in the long run. The best cost-effective solution is to rent a c-arm machine, with a program like Pacific Healthcare Imaging, that has month-to-month affordable programs with options to buy a used or refurbished c-arm.

The benefits of renting a c-arm are not only financial but help your practice determine if the money you make from having a c-arm machine in your practice can help you finance or pay off the rental fee.

For many hospitals, clinics, or private imaging centers, buying a new or used C-Arm requires large capital expenditures. This capital expense may not be possible for some facilities. Renting a C-Arm, on the other hand, can be an attainable operating expense that fits into even modest budgets.

Renting a c-arm is also great for research studies or short-term diagnostic imaging.

If your c-arm machine is getting repaired or maintenance then renting a c-arm machine is the best option to aid you in your temporary bind.

Renting a C-Arm will allow you to see the number of scans you perform to justify the purchase of a new or used c-arm.

Renting a C-Arm is a great way of saving money to eventually buy a new or used c-arm machine.

Renting a C-Arm is also a great way to avoid loans or commit to any long-term financing.

Overall renting a c-arm is for budget reasons, trying out different c-arms to choose the right one to buy or for temporary needs like a project or your c-arm is out for repairs.

Buying a C-Arm

Buying a C-Arm has many advantages as well as owning the equipment. If you are buying outright or financing to buy a new or used c-arm the equipment will pay for its self and had a long life expectancy. Benefits also include tax incentives and you can deduct for depreciation as well. If you have a proven volume and need for c-arm imaging technology then your best bet is to buy or finance.

If you are in need of a renting a c-arm, mini-c-arm, portable ultrasound, x-ray machine or any other medical imaging equipment with no long-term commitments at affordable monthly rates then  visit our C-Arm Rental page or call us at 1-877-283-3154 to speak to a c-arm specialist. You can also request a quote by clicking here.