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Used OEC Elite Mini View C-arm

Simple and compact mini C-arm design allows the clinician to position and operate the C-arm simultaneously.

The GE OEC Elite MiniView displays the largest image of any mini C-arm.

In ‘Low Dose Mode’ clinicians can capture high quality images at approximately half of the mA.

C-arm pivots smoothly on rotating orbital sleeve for easy maneuverability.

Engage the SmartLock anti-drift feature to lock all four pivot points on the C-arm, stabilizing the unit for image capture.

Counterbalanced vertical slider for increased stability.

Lightweight carbon fiber C designed for durability.

Swiveling monitors can be positioned for easy viewing in any position, allowing clinicians to use the C-arm without strain.

Dual, 19-inch monochrome LCD panels with anti-glare technology.

Right monitor features a touchscreen featuring a simple user interface.

Unique dual screen imaging software allows clinicians to view primary and reference images at the same time.

Large field of view provides imaging of clinically relevant anatomy.

OEC Smart Metal technology optimizes image quality, even with the introduction of metal objects into the X-ray field.

Water resistant keyboard, wired or wireless footswitch


GE OEC Elite MiniView C-arm Features

  • Manage your mini C-arm single-handedly with speed and ease
  • See detailed and full-sized dual images without straining
  • Optimize image quality and dose
  •  Count on your mini C-arm’s reliability to support higher productivity

X-Ray System

  • X-Ray Tube: Compact Monoblock
  • Focal Spot: .033mm
  • Generator: 12.8W
  • kVP range: 40 – kVp
  • mA range: 0.02 – 0.16 mA
  • Maximum output: 0.16mA 80kVp
  • Dose Rate Calculation: AKR/DAP

Imaging System

  • Detector: CMOS flat detector
  • FOV Size: 4” (10 cm) Mag, 5”(13cm) Normal
  • Detector size (resolution): 1.3 k x 1.3 k pixels
  • Pixel size (space): 100 microns
  • DQE: (0) – 70%

Viewing System

  • Monitors: Dual Medical 19” (48 cm), Monochromatic LCD, Anti-glare panels
  • Monitor Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Display image: primary live image, 11.4” (29 cm) diameter
  • Image size: 1.3k x 1.3k 16 bit image, 1k x1k display image
  • Tilt Motion: 10° up / 10°down
  • Swing + Swivle rotation Motion: 180° + 270°
  • Viewing Angle:170° horizontal & vertical
  • Max Panel brightness: 1400Cd/m2
  • Max Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Touch Screen: right monitor

Imaging Features

  • Annotation/Measurements
  • Smart Metal
  • Detects metal in the field and optimizes image quality
  •  AutoTrak
  • Automatically seeks anatomy anywhere in the field and selects optimal technique
  • Zoom-Roam
  • Auto X-Ray Technique Control
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Last Image Hold
  • Auto-save/Auto swap
  • Configurable
  • Noise Reduction
  • Motion Artifact Reduction
  • Flip/Invert


  • Backup Battery
  • Input Power (60/50 Hz):100/110/115/120/127VAC @ 4.5A, 200/220/230/240VAC @ 2.3A
  • Auto Power Sensing

Data Management & Connectivity

  • Water Resistant Keyboard
  • Removable Storage: USB
  • Hard Drive Storage: 100,000 images
  • Printer: optional
  • DICOM (3.0): MPPS, RDSR – Radiation Dose Structured Report, Query and Retrieve, Modality Worklist, Print, Storage, Storage Commitment
  • Wireless DICOM – optional
  • Wireless Frequency – 2.4G, 5G