OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm

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ORTHOSCAN HD Setting a new standard in mini c-arm imaging Putting control back in surgeons’ hands

VERTICAL RANGE The OrthoScan HD Mini C-Arm offers a 35% greater vertical range than the competition. This expanded range provides the ability to image beach chair shoulders and standing knees.

RC DEPTH The OrthoScan HD offers an arc depth of 18.2,” a 36% greater arc depth than the competition. This distance provides the surgeon with space to work comfortably.

STERILE FIELD CONTROLS The OrthoScan HD puts the most essential functions in a convenient, sterile location. Additional controls include a 4” and 6” field of view and laser. Putting control back in surgeons’ hands Visit orthoscan.com for more information

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE MONITOR The OrthoScan HD monitor is the only height adjustable monitor on the market. The monitor also has the greatest horizontal range in its class. Sterile covers for the monitor handles put the control in the surgeon’s hands.

INFRARED FOOTSWITCH The OrthoScan HD offers an infrared footswitch for imaging and documentation. The cordless footswitch eliminates another troubling cord that interferes with the movement of the mini c-arm during a procedure.

BOOST IMAGING MODE Boost is unique to the OrthoScan mini c-arms. This feature enables the ability to image larger anatomy such as large shoulders and knees.

SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT The OrthoScan HD is half the size and 28% lighter than the competition. The smaller size facilitates ease of movement and improves maneuverability. We are putting control back in the surgeons’ hands and making a difference in the experience for every user.

INTUITIVE AND EASY TO USE The OrthoScan HD has a simple intuitive interface that allows the user to perform basic imaging with little, if any, instruction. The custom keyboard allows single key access to most functions.

SURGEON DRIVEN DESIGN The team at OrthoScan spent countless hours in extremity procedures over the last 10 years gathering surgeon feedback and developing a plan to build the optimal mini c-arm. The attention to detail from our doctor advisors and customers has resulted in a product that sets a new standard in mini c-arm imaging.

EXCELLENCE IN IMAGING Actual system images

LARGEST & MOST DETAILED IMAGES The OrthoScan HD brings the surgery closer to you. The superior display size of the image enables users to analyze fine details at a distance. The “live” image is 38% larger than the competition’s largest image. Just like viewing a big screen TV from across a living room, it is easier to see a larger image at a distance.

ADJUSTMENT FREE IMAGING The OrthoScan HD automatically adjusts to metal, motion, and varying anatomy. The accurate adjustments of the OrthoScan HD allows the operator to use less fluoro time (less dose) and accurately view anatomy. Adjustment free imaging enables the surgeon to focus on the patient rather than the equipment.

FRAMES PER SECOND Your surgery is in real time, your imaging should be the same. The OrthoScan HD creates images and records video at 30 frames per second. This allows the OrthoScan HD to produce a smooth tracking of motion.



  • Half the size and 28% lighter than the competition
  • The “live” image is 38% larger than our competition’s largest image
  • Custom keyboard allows single key access to most functions
  • Enables EMR connectivity (US customers only)
  • 30 frames per second at full resolution
  • Can store up to 90 minutes of video
  • DVI/VGA outputs
  • Can store up to 8,000 images