OEC Fluorostar 7900 C-arm

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It is a high quality imaging device for use in the operating room, emergency room, intensive care unit, doctor’s offices, or anywhere else it could squeeze into. Its small size and easy maneuverability allows it to enter and fit in tight spaces. It comes with either single or dual 19-inch flat screen monitors, eliminating the need to wheel around a separate cart for viewing devices. It offers the combination of a high-resolution CCD camera and a 1k x 1k image processing capability.

Its modular design allows for versatility by extending the unit’s clinical capabilities. A Cine module enhances acquisition frame rates to as high as 25 frames per second; this is good for vascular procedures. It pulsed modes and reduced dose processing decrease both the patients’ and staff’s exposure to radiation.

With advantages such as low radiation, superior imaging capabilities, and easy transport and positioning, the GE Flurostar 7900 c-arm may be the imaging unit your practice needs. This units deserves to be asked about – call Pacific Healthcare Imaging and ask us about our refurbished GE Flurostar OEC 7900 c-arms today.


Refurbished GE Fluorostar 7900 Features

  • Single or dual 19-inch flat screen monitors
  • Touchscreen interface
  • 1k x 1k resolution
  • 540-image storage per acquisition
  • Modular expansion options
  • Up to 25 fps acquisition rates
  • Integrated DICOM
  • Hard drive for image storage of up to 60,000 images
  • USB support
  • Wireless
  • Image export to CD/DVD
  • Compact Design