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Siemens ARCADIS Avantic C-Arm

Siemens ARCADIS Avantic C-Arm Systems Usages:

  • Angiography studies (peripheral, central and cerebral);
  • Therapeutic studies (Line placements, transjugular biopsies, TIPS stent, embolizations);
  • Cardiac studies;
  • Orthopedic procedures



Siemens ARCADIS Avantic C-Arm has unique software platform allows virtually all imaging modalities and image viewing workstations to use the same  user interface for system operation, image post-processing and overall networking.

Reasons to Buy Refurbished Imaging Equipment that you May Not Have Considered:

  • Refurbished imaging equipment generally costs half the price of new.
  • Your Purchase could include installation and service contract.
  • Reimbursement rates through CMS are the same, whether your equipment is new or refurbished.
  • Third-party parts providers can supply parts 80% of the time at half the cost of new.
  • Finance Companies will  fund both refurbished equipment and the soft costs that go along.
  • Late model technology is always available.
  • Good supply of most modalities and most categories.
  • Regularly upgrading with refurbished imaging equipment leverages your balance sheet to the maximum.
  • With lower acquisition cost, refurbished systems produce an ROI much sooner than new systems.

Refurbished Imaging Equipment Market Growth

Worldwide acceptance of refurbished imaging equipment has never been higher. This is driven by refinement of the secondary market, as more and more independent refurbishers develop processes, seek ISO certification, and build infrastructure for service, parts, engineering, and financing.

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