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Refurbished GE AMX IV X-Ray

The best selling mobile x-ray system with advanced features in a compact and easy to maneuver system with Dual Motor Drive with Forward and reverse variable speed, Software that automatically initiates self-check at start-up, parts are easily accessible, and full power operation with no power connection.



  • X-Ray Tube/ 0.75 mm Focal Spot
  • Rotating Anode 275k hU Heat Capacity
  • New Lead Acid Batteries
  • Standard Outlet Rechargeable, 100/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dual Motor Controls, Electronic Braking
  • Self Propelled Variable Speed Up to 3 Mph, 7° Max. Incline
  • 25 Increments kVp Selection 50 to 125
  • 30 Step mAs Selection .4 to 320
  • Operators Controls LED Readouts
  • 180° Swivel Base
  • Tethered Remote Exposure Controls
  • Manual Collimator With Light Field