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GE AMX III X-Ray – Refurbished

GE AMX III mobile X-ray systems are based on the revolutionary AMX family of portables. These mobiles are designed to take patient care to new heights. They’re more compact and more powerful than their predecessors. Ready at a moment’s notice, these systems offer the latest in GE’s mobile imaging capabilities.


 GE AMX-III Mobile Powerful 320mAs
• 120Kv X Ray System
• Motorized, Rotating Anode
• Rechargeable Batteries equipped with Portable FLAT PANEL. The whole system is easy to position and to store. It takes High Quality Images in 3 seconds. The FLat Panel DR detector does not have to be connected to the X Ray Generator. It does not have to be calibrated and can be used with any other X Ray system. It is Plug and Play.


GE AMX III X-Ray Specifications:

  • Brand New Lead Acid Batteries
  • Standard Outlet Rechargeable
  • Self Propelled Variable Speed 0-1.75Mph
  • Electronic Braking
  • Dials & Analog Meter Controls
  • 24 Step kV Selection 50 To 125
  • 28 Step mA Selection .6 To 320
  • Manual Collimator Includes Light Field & Tape Measure
  • Tethered Remote Exposure Control