OEC 9400 C-Arm

his mobile unit can meet your various orthopedic, general surgery, and pain management requirements. It is capable of fluoroscopy with normal and boost modes (0.2-5.0 mA and up to 20 mA, respectively) and can operate on continuous or one-shot basis. It can perform long procedures because of its rotating anode x-ray tube and quick cooling rate. Dual 17-inch video monitors display your images, and these images may be sent to a thermal printer or transferred through an external DICOM box.

When your needs increase and your practice is ready to move up to the next level, the GE OEC 9400 c-arm can expand and grow in usefulness with you. Specialty packages and options are available, including expanded surgical platforms and special procedure modules capable of higher frame-per-second rates. Optional pulse fluorography and fluoroscopy modes offer pulse rates of 1, 2, 4, or 8 pulses per second.

If you need a reliable and proven imaging solution, then the GE OEC 9400 c-arm may be the unit that your practice needs. Available as a refurbished unit from Providian, the GE OEC 9400 c-arm still has the capabilities needed to enhance your practice at a price that is within your budget.



  • 6/9” Tri Mode Image Intensifier
  • Dual Hi Resolution Monitors
  • Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
  • Analog Camera
  • General Surgical Package Software
  • LIH – Last Image Hold
  • Boost Function
  • Sharpen Feature
  • Artifact Reduction
  • High Frequency Generator
  • Fully Recalibrated by our Technician
  • Set To Factory OEC Specs
  • New Paint
  • New Monitors
  • Sony Paper Printer
  • Patient Annotation Keyboard
  • 6 Month parts & labor warranty


  • ESP – Expanded Surgical Package
  • Vascular – Vascular Package