Medical Imaging Service Contracts

Medical imaging service contracts for your imaging equipment are essential.  It is important to remember that not all service contracts are created equally, and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to provide your C-Arm services because of downtime.

Make sure that the place you’re opting for has a reputation for providing efficient services and has a guaranteed uptime percentage. Always try to find reviews on the service providers you are considering.

Before you consider signing  medical imaging service contracts for your C-Arm, consider the following:

Coverage for glassware:

               Life of C-Arm Tube

  • The glassware on your C-Arm is the most important and expensive part of the equipment to replace.
  • Every regularly-used C-Arm system may have to use and dispose of several tubes in the course of its lifespan. If your service contract doesn’t cover glassware, you will have to pay it separately.

Guaranteed Response:

Ask the following:

  • How many engineers are available in the area?
  • How close is the nearest engineer?
  • What is the approximate time duration for service response?
  • Limit of Liability – the maximum amount that a service provider is willing to spend in a guaranteed response percentage.

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