Major C-Arm Companies

Phillips Pulsera

Major C-Arm Companies – Differences to Consider When Purchasing Imaging Equipment.

Major C-Arm companies are GE, Philips, Siemens, Ziehm, Hologic, and SonoSite.


When it comes to the cost of a C-Arm what matters the most is the age of the C-Arm, features, as well as the brand & model.

  • For example, a Philips Pulsera can have the same features as GE OEC 9800 but cost thousands less.
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The age of any medical imaging machine or equipment is always something to consider,  especially when buying a used C-Arm.  Just because a brand is the most popular, it does not necessarily make it the most up-to-date.

  • The most popular brand of C-Arm around the world is the GE OEC models, and the GE OEC 9800 is the most used C-Arm in medical facilities. However, the GE OEC 9800 started being manufactured in 1999.
  • Siemens c-arms, on the other hand, started being manufactured in 2005.


Every C-Arm brand comes with similar features, but also have some differences.

  • Siemens C-Arm have flat monitors and the GE OEC 9800 can be upgraded to them.
  • Phillips comes with a better price tag for a newer model.
  • The Zheim C-Arms are perfect for the smaller medical spaces.

All C-Arm brands can perform the basic scans and images needed. The differences in features are all minor,  but each brand has ideal features for certain medical practices.

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