Image Intensifier – Flat Panel Detector

The image intensifier and the flat-panel detector have the same purpose, which is to provide a viewable image, but they work in different ways.

Image Intensifier:

The image intensifier system was developed using analog technology. The image intensifier works by converting X-rays into photons for viewing. To achieve this, X-rays are first converted into light photons as they enter the input phosphor. The photons are converted to electrons by a photocathode.

These electrons are amplified using focusing electrodes. The outer phosphor converts the amplified electrons back into photons for viewing, and a video camera captures the image to be sent to the monitor display.

Flat Panel Detector:

Flat panel detectors use digital technology to produce a clear image. It uses the same technology behind image sensors found in digital cameras. Flat panel detectors convert X-rays directly into digital data.  Flat panel detectors produce images with less distortion.


image intensifier

Image Intensifier

Image Intensifiers:

  • Image intensifiers provide high-quality images for several years, although image quality decreases over time.
  • The convex input phosphor produces peripheral field of view distortion.
  • Image intensifiers utilize collimation for magnification.
  • The narrow beam produces a more detailed image.
  • Field of vision reduced with each step.


Flat Panel Detectors:

Flat Panel

Flat Panel Detector

  • Show minimal image degradation.
  • The flat panel design eliminates geometric distortion.
  • Flat panel detectors are more sensitive.
  • Patient receives a lower dose of radiation when taking an image.
  • Offer higher and more consistent image quality.
  • Achieves magnification without reducing scale.


Flat panel detectors are more expensive compared to image intensifiers. A refurbished flat panel detector system is harder to find, but refurbished image intensifier C-arms are more common and offer a wider range of price points.

If you have low to moderate patient volume or your C-arms needs are limited to general surgery applications, an image intensifier will work for you just fine.

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