Image Intensifier – Usable Life

Following are a few ways users can prolong the life of their image intensifiers and/or determine if failure is imminent.

Extending the life of your image intensifier

C-Arm Image Intensifier

C-Arm Image Intensifier

The main priority of an image intensifier is to convert x-ray photons to visible light. This is done via a layer that intercepts the x-ray photons known as the phosphor, a critical component.

  • Take a conservative approach to exposing the phosphor to x-rays by limiting the amount of testing done with an open field. When conducting tests, the rays coming to the phosphor can be blocked with a piece of lead over the image intensifier.
  • Reduce the wear and tear of the phosphor by using proper aligning techniques. Limit the x-ray beams to the relevant areas for a given scan, not exposing unnecessary areas of the phosphor layer to the x-ray photons.

Potential failure of your Image Intensifier

An important job of an image intensifier is to highlight the systems light signal to enhance image brightness. The rate of failure may increase when the reactivity of the phosphor wears down due to multiple techniques used to achieve the same intensity.

The image intensifier may start to display fine, dark spots on the image caused by a breakdown inside the image intensifiers insert. The spots begin to appear when coating on the insert has fallen away. When these spots start becoming more vivid, it is probable more of them will be seen in the future.

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