How Much Do C-arm Tables Cost?

New C-arm tables range in price from $6,000 – $65,000. The price can vary based on which types of movements your table comes with.

C-arm Tables: Price Range

If affordability is of concern, you may want to opt for a fixed-height c-arm table. This is a stripped-down, no frills, radio translucent table. True to its name, this table doesn’t move anywhere. When you step up to the middle of the range, you’ll find C-arm tables featuring 1-4 movements. Refer to the illustration below, courtesy of Streamline C-arm Tables, which demonstrates these:

Streamline C-arm Tables Movement Chart

Is it Possible to Save by Buying Used C-arm Tables?

The biggest obstacle to buying used C-arm tables is selecting. There just aren’t a lot of C-arm tables on the secondary market, because facilities tend to hang onto them, even when they upgrade their C-arms. Additionally, there have been so many different C-arm table manufacturers over the years that many of them are no longer in business and parts and support may have become rare.

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