OEC C-ARM Tube – How Long does it Last

Common Questions:

  • “How long does an OEC C-Arm last?”.
    • To answer the latter, there is no real way to determine how long your used C-Arm tube will live.
  • “What is the best C-Arm for my practice?” 

We can help you choose the right type of used C-Arm machine, but to know how long an OEC C-Arm tube will last there is no exact way of knowing.

However, let’s consider some factors on what to look for when looking at a used OEC C-Arm machines tube lifespan and explain why to determine its hard to predict how long the tube will last. Then let’s go over what to do in case the used OEC C-Arm eventually goes out.

Hours The Machine Has Been Powered Up:

Behind the C-Arm you will find a meter in a window that looks like a vehicle’s odometer. They can determine several things depending on the machine. On some C-Arm machines, it tells you the hours a system has been powered up. However, there have been used C-Arm machines that have been powered up for a long time and the tubes are working fine. Then there are used C-Arm machines that have been powered a lot less and the tubes go out. So there seems to be no connection with the life of the C-Arm tube and how long it has been powered up.

The Maturity of the C-Arm Tube:

Most medical professionals looking to purchase a used C-Arm machine want to know the age of the tube. They believe that it will determine how long the tube will last and if they are making a good investment in purchasing that C-Arm machine. The reality though is that it is not a certain way to determine the lifespan of the tube. We have seen used C-Arm machines from older models that work just as well as the newer models.

C-Arm Tube Failed:

In case your C-Arm tube does die there are several choices. Have someone who is already familiar with the brand and type of C-Arm machine maintenance it so they can get you the best quality tube. C-Arm tubes can be costly and you want someone that will know where to get the best price.

Consider buying a used functioning C-Arm tube. A used C-Arm specialist will be familiar with all types of machines and the tube that is ideal. On top of that buying, a used tube from a used C-Arm parts specialist will offer huge savings as much as half of what you would pay for a new tube.

In “Tubeclusion”:

There is no clear way to determine when a C-Arm tube will stop working. The best thing is to have regular maintenance for your used C-Arm machine, know the age of the tube for reference and keeping track of the performance.  Always have a professional C-Arm parts provider handy in case it is critical the tubes in your machine are always working properly.

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