How Does A C-Arm Machine Work?

The function of a C-arm Fluoroscopic X-ray System

A C-Arm machine is a medical imaging device that is built on x-ray machinery. The “C” in C-Arm comes from the C-shaped arm on the machine. C-Arms are used in an operating room to help get accurate x-rays of neurology procedures, vascular surgery, abdominal repair, percutaneous valve replacement, cardiac surgery, pain management, orthopedics, and neuro stimulations. C-Arms produce high-resolution x-ray images in real time. Benefiting any medical practice to get optimal treatment results and fewer follow up procedures.


In the United States, the most popular C-Arm is the OEC GE models. Other popular brands include Philips, Siemens, and Ziehm. The most popular used C-Arm is the OEC 9800 which has several up to dates features and functions that the newest models carry with a few exceptions. Although GE has most of the C-Arm market another popular brand is from Phillips the BV Pulsera. Both GE and Phillips have great c-arm options it just depends on budget and maintenance.  

How does a C-Arm Function?

A c-arm uses an x-ray source (generator) and a flat-panel detector or image intensifier depending on your model. The C-shaped arm allows flexibility in movement so the x-rays of the patients can be viewed from all angles. The generator produces x-rays that infiltrate the patient’s body that is being scanned. The flat-panel detector or image intensifier converts the x-rays into an image that is visibly displayed on the c-arm monitor. The medical professional can check and identify anatomical details on the x-ray image for bones, kidney stones, and blood vessels and much more.

Used C-Arm vs. New C-Arm

We offer several options to purchase or rent a C-arm machine; new c-arms used c-arms and refurbished c-arm. It all depends on your budget and functionality you want. We have several brands and access to several types of medical imaging equipment. The best thing for any medical professional shopping for a new or used-c-arm or medical imaging equipment is to speak to a specialist. Ask as many questions as possible and have an idea of your budget and especially what type of procedures you plan to do with your rented C-ARM Machine.

To speak to one of our C-ARM specialists call us at 1-877-283-3154 to speak to a c-arm specialist or request a quote by clicking here.


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