Fluoroscan InSight Mini C-Arm

Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm is more versatile, efficient and cost-effective than ever before, and it is the most sought-after mini C-arm on the market. Hologic Fluoroscan InSight mini c-arm is designed specifically for orthopedic and other extremity surgeons.Fluoroscan insight mini c-arm

Fluoroscan InSight combines tremendous maneuverability, ultra-fine low-dose fluoroscopy images, and automated adjustments that deliver the optimum image every time, for every patient.

Hologic continues to set the bar for high quality fluoroscopy imaging with the smallest x-ray focal point in the industry. The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm is your perfect extremity imaging system.


Deeper C-Arm.
Redesigned flex arm.
Programmable wireless foot switch.
New locking mechanism.
Image optimization tools.
Ultra-fine fluoroscopy images.
Smallest x-ray focal point in the industry.

No matter how challenging the body part or how difficult the position, Fluoroscan InSight will accommodate your needs with extraordinary flexibility.

The Fluoroscan InSight’s lightweight, flat screen monitor can be rotated and positioned with virtually infinite ease to extend into the surgical field. The articulation of the imaging arm moves with equal flexibility.  The C-arm moves effortlessly from anterior to posterior to lateral views so you get the precise angle that you need. Wherever you position the C-arm, it will stay in that position until you’re ready to move it. The result is a greater comfort for patients and improved visualization in all types of extremity surgeries.

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