C-Arms – Defined

C-Arms Defined:  A medical imaging unit used primarily for fluoroscopic imaging during surgical and orthopedic procedures. A c-arm uses a computer workstation to view, manipulate, store and transfer the images.

The C-Arm is named for the C-shaped arm used to connect the x-ray source and x-ray detector to one another.

Prior to 1955, when the first c-arm was introduced, X-ray systems were unable to change directions. The technology has been rapidly changing each year since then.  Today, imaging systems are a crucial part of everyday life.

C-Arm Uses:c-arms defined

Though the C-arm system has radiographic capabilities, they are primarily used for fluoroscopic imaging during surgical, orthopedic, critical care, pain management, and emergency care procedures.

  • Guides physicians in placing needles, stents and catheters in specific areas.
  • Helps put hardware needed to stabilize bones and joints; ensure surrounding tissues remain healthy.
  • Guides surgeons operating on delicate areas such as the spine.
  • Directs needle placement into joints when injecting anesthetics.
  • Helps direct pain-relieving medication inserted into shoulders and knees with little or no damage to the nearby structures.
  • Gives real-time viewing of the gallbladder, liver, heart and bone structures.

How C-Arms Work:

A c-arm’s general makeup is a generator and an image intensifier or flat-panel detector. The C-shape allows movement in all directions so that images of the patient will be produced from almost any angle.

The devices provide high-resolution x-ray images immediately, allowing physicians to monitor progress and make any immediate corrections.  Hospitals, surgical centers, and clinics benefit from cost savings through fewer follow-up operations due to this preventative measure.

The physician identifies and checks details on the image such as bone structure, blood flow and other various images often captured with x-ray.

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