C-Arm Types – Examples

There are four types of C-Arm that vary in sizes and specialization. The four types are Mini C-arm, Compact C-Arms, Full-Size C-Arms, and Super C C-Arms.

Mini C-Arm:

The Mini C-Arm the common size is 4”/6” image intensifier that specializes in scanning extremities such as hands, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders (depending on the frame of the patient).

Mini C-Arm

Compact C-Arm:

It is larger than the Mini C-arm but still smaller than the Full-Size C-Arm. Compact C-Arm was created to save space for facilities that have limited space. The monitor is attached to the C-Arm that eliminates the need for a separate monitor cart. Compact C-Arms have the same capabilities of a Full-Size C-Arm but cannot handle heavy caseload or a large number of patients.

Compact C-Arm

Full-Size C-Arm:

The Full-Size C-Arm is the most common machine. The machine consists of the “C” shaped mobile unit and a separate cart. The “C” arm portion consists of the image intensifier, x-ray tube, and the “C” shaped arm (that can rotate), and the general control for the unit. The monitor cart has the dual set of monitors and the keyboard for the patient identification. The biggest downside of the Full-Sized C-Arm is it requires a large space due to its two large pieces of equipment.

Full-Sized C-Arm

Super C C-Arms:

Gives more space in the middle of the C-Arm to the outer edge perfect for larger patients. The image intensifier of Super C C-Arm has an extra 7” and 5” more in the arc compared to the Full-Sized C-Arm. It also allows 148 degrees of orbital rotation compared to the 115 degrees of the Full-Sized C-Arm. With the extra rotation of the Super C C-Arm, cardiac-focused and pain management specialists can benefit from it.

Super C C-Arm


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