C-Arm machines are named for the C-shaped arm present in the device that is used to connect the x-ray source and the detector. These C-Arm machines are widely used during orthopedic, complicated surgical, pain management, and emergency procedures, and provide high-resolution X-ray images in real time.  Healthcare professionals monitor progress and make decisions accordingly.

It’s a non-invasive device, which makes it safe both during and after the screening procedures.

C-Arm Machines

OEC 9800 C-Arm

C-Arm machines Uses:

  • Orthopedic procedures.
  • Cardiac and angiography studies.
  • Therapeutic studies including stents and line placements.
  • Real-time-clear view of anatomic structures of the patient.
  • Transport from one place to another.
  • Semi-circular design moves freely.
  • Covers whole body of the patient.
  • Take images wherever required.

What are the components of a Portable C-arm?

X-ray generators:

The generator is placed inside the frame where the C-arm is mounted and directly controlled by the workstation unit, allowing modification in real-time.  There is complete flexibility in imaging, even with an increased x-ray power, and the exposure time is less which reduces the risk.

Imaging system:

The C-arm machine’s powerful imaging system has the ability to perform multiple movements in a single procedure, which is useful during a variety of surgical procedures such as orthopedic, urology and cardiology. The system is compact and light in weight, allowing multiple positioning along with wide range of motion, however, they remain firm in the mounted position.  There is zero possibility of misalignment in between the procedure.

Workstation unit:

The workstation controls the entire operation of the C-Arm.  It contains multiple handles, switches, and cables that enable movement and positioning.


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