Buying Refurbished – Used C-Arm For Your Facility

Buying refurbished – used c-arm for your healthcare business can be a challenging task. There are many things to consider when buying a C-Arm. First and foremost, the cost of acquisition is something most healthcare businesses will have to consider.

The advantage of a buying a refurbished – used c-arm is the lower cost to acquire your c-arm.

Here are the benefits:

buying refurbished used c-arm

Buying Refurbished – Used C-Arm

  • C-Arms generally have a strong sturdy design and are built for long lasting lifespan whether the system is used infrequently or run more often.
  • A used or refurbished C-Arm costs much less than newer models, while still delivering work horse performance.
  • You have great warranty options, which can protect your investment.

Questions to ask before purchasing a used C-arm:

  • What are the specifics in the warranty and application packages?
  • Do you offer a service contact for the used C-arm?
  • Can you supply a serial number of the used C-arm?
  • When can we expect the used C-arm to be delivered?
  • What software is installed?
  • Do you offer c-arm tables and lead aprons?
  • Does the system include a printer?

Before purchasing a used C-arm, you want to do the necessary research. Make sure you let the seller know that you would like to know all about their refurbishing process.

Contact us at Pacific Healthcare Imaging, our experienced technicians will help you acquire the best system for your facility.  Check out our rental plans as well.

At Pacific Healthcare Imaging we sell and support pre-owned, used and refurbished c-arms  for medical facilities and we specialize in C-ArmsMini C-ArmsPortable Ultrasounds.