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When you’re considering buying any used C-arm, used mini C-arm, used portable x-ray machine or any other used medical equipment, you need to work with a reputable company to ensure that all are maintained to a high level of integrity and sanitation. At Pacific Healthcare Imaging we have made every effort to assure you that we only sell the highest quality used and refurbished medical equipment. Our thoroughly refurbished and re-assembled C-arm systems, mini C-arm systems, portable x-ray machines, portable ultrasounds, imaging beds, and printers and digital devices are all examined throughout the refurbishment and re-assembly process. In order to meet the OEM Performance Specifications we maintain all necessary FDA recalls, FDA warning, and FDA safety reports.

Used C-Arms100 % Quality Assurance
Used Mini-C-Arm100 % Quality Assurance
Portable X-Ray 100% Quality Assurance
Portable Ultrasound 100% Quality Assurance
MRI Machine100% Quality Assurance
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Diagnostic imaging procedures are rapidly expanding due to their unmatched capability to detect diseases at early, treatable stages. Ultimately, all patients and physicians will benefit because a doctor can order, perform, and make sure the patient is treated in a timely manner.

Why used medical equipment? Used medical equipment is the better choice due to its extensive overhaul. When all guidelines have been met, you know you are getting equipment that is certified as top performing.

When you are ready to order one of our refurbished used c-arms, mini c-arms, or any of our other used medical imaging equipment, please contact us to discus current prices, payment arrangement, financing options, availability, and delivery time of your medical equipment.

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