Portable X-Ray Equipment

Portable X-ray equipment can be brought to the patient. The resulting radiographs may not be as high in quality as stationary X-ray radiographs, but allow a technologist to come to the bedridden patient.

If you do not see the portalbe x-ray you are looking for, contact or call one of our experienced technicians for help in locating it.

Affordable C-Arms: Mini, Full-Size, and Compact Models Compared

By Michael | May 28, 2024

Mini C-Arms vs. Full-Size C-Arms vs. Compact C-Arms: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Medical Practice In the ever-evolving landscape of medical imaging technology, healthcare providers are often faced with the challenge of selecting the right equipment to meet their specific needs. Among the most crucial decisions is choosing the appropriate C-Arm, a versatile imaging…

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Not just C-Arms but other Used Medical Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | November 13, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of medical technology, choosing the right equipment can be a daunting task. Whether you’re setting up a new practice or upgrading your existing facilities, Pacific Health USA stands as your trusted partner, offering a wide range of medical equipment. From state-of-the-art imaging systems to essential medical devices, our expertise ensures you…

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The Future of MRI in Non-Invasive Surgical Treatments

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | September 13, 2023
The Future of MRI in Non-Invasive Surgical Treatments

A Shift from Diagnostics to Therapeutics The medical landscape is continuously evolving, with innovations taking us to new heights of possibility. Among these advancements is a promising shift in the role of MRI scanners, typically used for diagnostic purposes, toward a therapeutic application that could redefine non-invasive surgery. Breaking Ground with MRI-Guided Treatment Protocols Researchers…

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Transforming MRI Scanners into Therapeutic Devices

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | September 8, 2023

A New Horizon in Non-Invasive Surgery In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, MRI scanners have mostly been viewed as diagnostic tools. However, recent advancements are changing this perception, turning MRI scanners into therapeutic devices that can revolutionize non-invasive surgery. This transformation is thanks to groundbreaking techniques that enable MRI-guided therapies, offering a new dimension…

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How Crucial is the Age Factor in Buying a Used or Refurbished C-Arm?

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | September 4, 2023
How Crucial is the Age Factor in Buying a Used or Refurbished C-Arm

When it comes to purchasing a used or refurbished C-Arm, a multitude of factors come into play. Performance, warranty, and longevity are, of course, high on the list. But what about the age of the equipment? Is it a crucial deciding factor, or are there other aspects you should pay more attention to?  The Role…

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