MRI Equipment

MRI equipment uses a large magnet, radio waves,  a computer to scan and create a detailed, cross-sectional image of internal organs and structures.  An MRI scan differs from CT scans and X-rays, as it does not use potentially harmful ionizing radiation.

If you do not see MRI equipment you are looking for, contact or call one of our experienced technicians for help in locating it.

Sell Your Medical Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | August 25, 2021

Pacific Healthcare Imaging has been in the business of selling and servicing medical equipment for many years. However did you know that we also buy back equipment from clinics, hospitals, private physicians and imaging centers?  We do! We are actively looking to buy anything used in  imaging equipment including: MRI machines. Both single-slice and multi…

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Ultrasound Versus Radiology

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | August 22, 2021
sell your medical equipment

Medical professionals use sonography to diagnose conditions and internal injuries. Ultrasound techniques are also used to monitor pregnancies and help doctors develop treatment plans.  The importance of accurate imaging in modern medicine makes skilled sonographers a critical part of any healthcare team. Emerging technology is increasing the usefulness of medical imagining. The ability to view different body…

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X-Ray Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 24, 2021

X-Ray machines have revolutionized the medical industry.  Healthcare providers can now clearly peer into the human body without intrusion. X-Ray – Discovery and First Use: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a professor at Wuerzburg University in Germany discovered the x-ray 1895.   When the  cathode ray was active in his laboratory with high voltage, fluorescent minerals nearby began…

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Refurbished Imaging Equipment – Reasons to Buy

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 17, 2021
Refurbished Imaging Equipment

Reasons to Buy that you May Not Have Considered: Refurbished imaging equipment generally costs half the price of new. Your Purchase could include installation and service contract. Reimbursement rates through CMS are the same, whether your equipment is new or refurbished. Third-party parts providers can supply parts 80% of the time at half the cost of…

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Consider Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 10, 2021
Consider Buying Refurbished Medical

MRI systems, portable x-rays, c-arms, and other medical equipment is vital for things to run smoothly in your hospital or doctor office, however it also comes at a price. When a machine starts to malfunction or it’s time for an additional piece of equipment, it’s time to start thinking about budgets and how much you can pay…

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