Printers and Digital Devices

Printers and Digital devices are powerful tools offering benefits such as lower patient dose and enhanced image quality. Also, the image quality does not deteriorate over time.

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AfterMarket OEC Monitor Upgrade

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 30, 2021
After-Market OEC Monitor Upgrade

Aftermarket OEC monitor upgrades have several options: a single, large split screen, two individual screens, fixed screens, rotating screens, screens on an articulating arm. There are also 1k, 2k, and now, 4k resolution. OEC Monitor Upgrade There is a board range of prices, depending on options.  At the high is including an articulating arm, while…

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Consider Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | July 10, 2021
Consider Buying Refurbished Medical

MRI systems, portable x-rays, c-arms, and other medical equipment is vital for things to run smoothly in your hospital or doctor office, however it also comes at a price. When a machine starts to malfunction or it’s time for an additional piece of equipment, it’s time to start thinking about budgets and how much you can pay…

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Image Intensifier – Usable Life

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | June 17, 2021
C-Arm scan Rental

An image intensifier is a important component for fluoroscopic equipment such as a C-Arm.  Most image intensifiers have a good lifespan,  however, it is common for fluoroscopy systems to go through a few image intensifiers throughout their life. Following are a few ways users can prolong the life of their image intensifiers and/or determine if…

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The Need for Digital Imaging

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | June 12, 2021

Analog image intensifiers and digital flat plate detectors have their pros and cons. However, in today’s medical imaging field, digital imaging is the efficient way to go if hospitals, outpatient facilities, and private practices want to stay competitive. Digital images are easily transferred throughout the hospital and other health care facilities. They can be stored…

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Manufacturers and Models for Fluoroscopy and C-Arms

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | June 6, 2021
C-Arm scan Rental

Major manufacturers in the fluoroscopy and mobile C-Arm market are GE Healthcare, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Siemens Healthineers (Siemens AG), Hologic, Inc., and Ziehm Imaging. They are constantly researching and developing their technology to be more effective and cost-effective to strengthen their hold on the market. At Pacific Healthcare Imaging we sell and support new, pre-owned,…

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