Mini C-Arm Machine - New and Used

Mini C-Arm machine:  The size is commonly a 4”/6” image intensifier that specializes in scanning extremities such as hands, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders (depending on the frame of the patient).

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C-Arm Purchase

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | November 10, 2021
c-arm purchase

C-Arm Purchase Considerations: C-Arm Purchase decision is simple but choosing the right for your practice can be overwhelming.  Without having adequate knowledge, the search process can become information overload with the wide variety of brands, sizes, and costs involved. In the end, the deciding factor in your C-Arm purchase comes down to what type of imaging…

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C-Arm Types – Examples

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | October 24, 2021
C Arm Machine

There are four types of C-Arm that vary in sizes and specialization. The four types are Mini C-arm, Compact C-Arms, Full-Size C-Arms, and Super C C-Arms. Mini C-Arm: The Mini C-Arm the common size is 4”/6” image intensifier that specializes in scanning extremities such as hands, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders (depending on the…

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Mini C-Arm Radiation Information

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | September 29, 2021
mini c-arm radiation

Radiation Exposure: Mini C-Arm radiation exposure is less then with the conventional C-arm. Radiation exposure should be kept to the absolute minimum to the patient and the surgeon, and ionizing Radiation Regulation (2000) requires that the radiation exposure be clinically justified and: Performed by a trained professional. Kept to as minimal exposure as possible, or…

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Major C-Arm Companies

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | September 13, 2021
Major C-Arm

Major C-Arm Companies – Differences to Consider When Purchasing Imaging Equipment. Major C-Arm companies are GE, Philips, Siemens, Ziehm, Hologic, and SonoSite. Cost? When it comes to the cost of a C-Arm what matters the most is the age of the C-Arm, features, as well as the brand & model. For example, a Philips Pulsera can…

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Mini C-Arm Advantages & Disadvantages

By Pacific Healthcare Imaging | August 29, 2021
Hologic Fluoroscan Mini C-Arm

Mini c-arms produce a small detector area, uses lower laser power, has tight beam collimation and uses the new technique of pulse fluoroscopy.  Because it’s  simple to use and compact, it’s popular for routine use, especially for hand, ankle and foot surgeries. They have also contributed toward making procedures less invasive and costly.  This is…

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