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Benefits of Philips Pulsera C-Arm

Pulsera Mobile C-Arm the Best Alternative to OEC 9800 When it comes to the mobile c-arm market the GE OEC brand and models are the most popular in medical facilities. GE might have a large percentage of the mobile c-arm market, but it does have competition. When it comes to an alternative c-arm for the […]

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Benefits GE OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm

OEC 9900 Elite State-of-the-Art Image Quality and User-Friendly Interface The OEC 9900 Elite is designed to deliver superb clinical images during both simple and challenging imaging cases, with fast and easy positioning. See which configuration – based on II size, type of C and optional features – will best meet your clinical needs. Imaging profiles […]

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GE OEC 9800 C-Arm Benefits

The GE OEC 9800 is the most popular type of c-arm installed in medical facilities across the world. There are two types of GE OEC 9800 c-arms the original one built from 1999 up to 2002 when the OEC 9800 Plus model. There are a few difference besides age that differentiates between the original OEC […]

Mobile C-Arm

What is a Mini C-Arm?

In 2004 Mini C-Arms or mobile c-arms came into the medical imaging market to help with orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, and pediatric imaging. The smaller and mobile Mini-C-Arm gives high-quality digital images that can be sent to multiple locations simultaneously and can be dispatched far away without being deformed. Mini C-Arms Just like popular brands […]

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How Does A C-Arm Machine Work?

The function of a C-arm Fluoroscopic X-ray System A C-Arm machine is a medical imaging device that is built on x-ray machinery. The “C” in C-Arm comes from the C-shaped arm on the machine. C-Arms are used in an operating room to help get accurate x-rays of neurology procedures, vascular surgery, abdominal repair, percutaneous valve […]

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4 Tips on Buying a Used or Refurbished C-ARM

Anytime you buy anything used or refurbished it comes with some risk as opposed to buying something new. Same goes with medical imaging equipment like C-Arm machines. Before you even start shopping for brands and models of C-Arm machines you want to know what exactly your practice needs from a C-Arm. Here are 4 tips […]

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How long does an OEC C-ARM Tube Last?

If you are shopping for a used OEC C-Arm you probably have several questions, such as “What is the best C-Arm for my practice?” or one of the most common questions we get is “Are the tubes in my C-Arm going to last?”. To answer the latter, there is no real way to determine how […]

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Tips on Renting a C-ARM

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a C-ARM Medical Machine Renting any type of medical imaging equipment is unlike renting common things like a Uhaul. Especially when it comes to renting a C-ARM machine you want to make sure an be as prepared as possible. If your C-ARM machine broke down and you need to […]