Best OEC C-arm for Pain Management: OEC 9600 vs OEC 9800

You can be sure that both the OEC 9600 and OEC 9800 are excellent choices for a pain management facility. Although either one would suffice, there are some differences that should be noted.

  • The OEC 9600 is almost half the cost of the OEC 9800 and, in most pain management situations, will be sufficient. There is no need to pay for more C-arm than you will actually need or than your budget will allow.
  • The OEC 9800 is generally the best choice if you are looking to perform advanced procedures where higher resolution is required.
  • Workflow will be a bit faster with the OEC 9800 due to a couple of things– touchscreens and native DICOM to quickly process images to PACS.

Super C

The OEC 9800 and OEC 9600 offer an additional benefit for those seeking greater OR flexibility in the form of the Super C. If your budget has a little more wiggle room and you feel your site could benefit from greater maneuverability, the Super C may be worth taking into consideration.

  • Having a C-arm angled can provide optimal viewing of the injecting site. A Super C can make that easier because it rotates further around the table. The physician may not have to adjust the C-arm as often, allowing the procedure to complete faster.
  • A Super C is preferable for maneuvering a C-arm around larger patients because the C-arm arc depth is slightly larger. It also allows some scans to be done by repositioning the C-arm instead of the patient.

Image Intensifier: 9″ or 12″

When choosing an II size, the procedures you’ll be doing should be your first consideration. There is also a price differential, which most pain management practitioners will be able to forego.

  • 12” IIs are primarily used for vascular studies. The extra inches allow for studies such as run-offs, which cannot be performed in a single run with a 9” system. This advantage is great for vascular work, but is less likely to be used in a standard pain management setting.
  • 9” IIs allow for greater magnification, allowing physicians to see better detail in a smaller area while performing a procedure. This size of II is ideal for pain management, orthopedics and general surgery work.

Depending on your site’s individual needs, there’s a great OEC pain management option for you. Whether you know what that is, or have more questions about picking the best OEC C-arm for you, we’re ready to help. Contact us at 877-283-3154 to talk with one of our refurbished used C-arms experts and learn more.