Benefits of Philips Pulsera C-Arm

Pulsera Mobile C-Arm the Best Alternative to OEC 9800

When it comes to the mobile c-arm market the GE OEC brand and models are the most popular in medical facilities. GE might have a large percentage of the mobile c-arm market, but it does have competition. When it comes to an alternative c-arm for the popular GE OEC 98000 the Philips BV Pulsera is considered an alternate favorite.

The BV Pulsera is a  full size c-arm mobile fluoroscopy system with excellent image quality. This alternative favorite c-arm has a tri-mode image intensifier with 9” or 12” choices. It has a lot of power capacity maxing out at 7.5kW and has a Kv range of 40-120. The Pulsera comes equipped with a rotating anode that enables the c-arm to have over 300,000 HU anode capacity for heat and a 1,900,000 X-Ray Tube capacity for heat.


The BV Pulsera c-arm is well known to be useful in difficult vascular procedures such as larger size patients. The BV Pulsera’s high image quality makes it perfect for a biventricular implant, bypass checks, and pacemaker procedures.


The Pulsera is the most popular Phillips c-arm model. A more cost-effective c-arm than its GE counterpart the OEC 9800, the Phillips Pulsera c-arm shares many of the same features minus the price. Read more about the differences between OEC versus Pulsera by visiting our blog post: What Used C-ARM to Buy: OEC C-Arms or Philips Pulsera C-Arms? You will be surprised at all the extra features included in the Philips Pulsera c-arm while still saving money.


Philips Pulsera C-Arm Features

Used c-arm equipment

  • DoseWise for dose efficiently

  • BodySmart Software

  • Extra Power

  • Makes Vascular Procedures Simple

  • Dense Anatomy See Through Feature perfect for Obese Patients.

  • Easy to use Radiation Management Features.

  • Ergonomic View of Images

Check out the Phillips Pulsera Brochure.

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