Image Intensifier – Flat Panel Detector

image intensifier

The image intensifier and the flat-panel detector have the same purpose, which is to provide a viewable image, but they work in different ways. Image Intensifier: The image intensifier system was developed using analog technology. The image intensifier works by converting X-rays into photons for viewing. To achieve this, X-rays are first converted into light…

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C-Arm Rentals

c-arm rentals

C-Arm rentals can be an attainable operating expense that fits into even modest budgets.  For many hospitals, clinics, or private imaging centers, buying a new or used C-Arm requires large capital expenditures. C-Arm Rentals Value: C-arm rentals are a low risk for your facility. Brings the equipment you need into your facility quickly. Costs you…

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C-arm Image Intensifier – Which is Best For My Facility

C-arm Image Intensifier

C-arm image intensifier that is the best size is best for your facility is a common concern when purchasing or upgrading your medical imaging equipment. The single most important determining factor is the type of studies your facility conducts.  Below are are the two most common sizes of the c-arm image intensifiers. Studies Performed With a 12”…

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C-Arm Uses and Definition

C-arm uses and definition

C-Arm Uses and Definition: A medical imaging unit used primarily for fluoroscopic imaging during surgical and orthopedic procedures. A c-arm uses a computer workstation to view, manipulate, store and transfer the images. The C-Arm is named for the C-shaped arm used to connect the x-ray source and x-ray detector to one another. The first C-arm…

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Medical Imaging Equipment Safety Considerations

medical imaging equipment safety

Medical imaging equipment safety considerations are a concern to both patients and medical staff.  By observing the following, the risk to both patients and staff can be lowered: Medical Imaging Equipment Safety Rules: General: Understand and follow Federal regulations requiring a C-Arm maximum output to have a limit. Make sure to thoroughly scan and go…

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Selling Your Medical Equipment

Site Planning For C-Arm

Selling your medical equipment, no longer needed at your facility, can be difficult. You have to find the right venue, decide on price, etc and it will take a lot of valuable time away from your regular business. Pacific Healthcare Imaging has been in the business of buying medical equipment for many years.  We take…

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