4 Amazing Advancements in Radiology

The medical field benefits immensely with the advancement and discovery of new technologies. Radiology, an industry that relies heavily on technology, is an especially exciting field for new tech and discoveries, which happen almost every year! We watch these advancements closely at Pacific Healthcare Imaging and today we’d like to share some of the most interesting recent advancements in the field.

Imaging Replacing Surgery

It used to be that doctors needed to perform surgeries to detect and diagnose certain ailments. While these exploratory surgeries haven’t been eliminated completely, they have been reduced by as much as 95% due to the accuracy of imaging technology, allowing doctors to see and identify problems without surgery.

Reduced Radiation

One of the downsides of radiology has always been that it sometimes requires exposing patients to a certain degree of radiation. Improved alternatives, such as ultrasounds and MR scans have allowed the elimination of some radiation scans, while new drugs and improved equipment has helped reduce radiation exposure.

AR Radiology Applications

Augmented reality (or AR) technology is now allowing radiologists to view and interact with scans of patients in new and improved ways, improving their ability to diagnose conditions.

Fetal MRIs

With the improvements to MRI technology, doctors are increasingly capable of monitoring the growth and progress of fetuses and developing babies, and not only identifying but even treating abnormalities in utero.

The future of radiology is bright, and your Pacific Healthcare Imaging team is here to help healthcare professionals at every level move boldly into that future. Take a look at our inventory of new and used C-arms and MRI machines, or contact us to let us know how we can assist you today.