4 Tips on Buying a Used or Refurbished C-ARM

Anytime you buy anything used or refurbished it comes with some risk as opposed to buying something new. Same goes with medical imaging equipment like C-Arm machines. Before you even start shopping for brands and models of C-Arm machines you want to know what exactly your practice needs from a C-Arm. Here are 4 tips on buying a used or refurbished c-arm.


If you are looking at buying used a C-Arm machine chances are you have already looked at the prices of new C-Arms. Depending on what your needs are a brand new machine can go from several ten thousands of dollars up hundreds of thousands.

Buying a used or refurbished C-arm machine will save you up to 60% when working with a qualified medical imaging equipment provider like us.

C-Arm Needs

Like we had mentioned earlier make sure you know what exactly your practice needs a used c-arm machine for exactly. If you are a Chiropractor chances are you don’t need all the capabilities of let’s say a C-Arm machine used for a Neurovascular.

The difference in pricing also comes into play even when it is used C-Arm machines.

Brand and Model

The most common brand out there for new or used C-Arm machines are GE’s OEC model. Philips pulsera c-arm is another popular brand and model of C-arms, but not as popular as the OEC models.

You can read more about there differences: Top 3 Reasons to Buy Either OEC C-Arm and Philips Pulsera C-Arm

The GE OEC 9800 is one of the most popular types of C-Arms requested. They are manufactured between the years 2000 up to 2006. They have most of the functions of the newer models with fewer features. If you are not sure what is the right brand or type of used or refurbished C-arm for you speak to a Medical Imaging Equipment Specialist by clicking here.

Used or Refurbished

Used C-Arm

When you are shopping for a used C-arm there is a difference between just used and a refurbished C-Arm. Used is just that it is a used C-Arm that is being re-sold. Make sure to check out the warranty on any used machine and see what the maintenance schedule was like for the C-Arm.

Refurbished C-Arm

A refurbished C-Arm is used and goes through a detailed revamp process where it is tested, cleaned, repainted, diagnosed and has a warranty on it. Make sure to check what type of warranty comes with your refurbished C-arm machine.

Do your research and know what you need when looking to buy a used or refurbished C-Arms. Not all C-Arms are created equal, Pacific Healthcare Imaging recommends you speak with one of our Medical Imaging Equipment Specialist to tailor to your specific c-arms needs. Whether you are looking for new or used c-arm machines or any other medical imaging equipment we can help. Click Here to email our customer service with any questions or if you are looking for a specific c-arm machine OEC, Philips, GE, Comed, Ziehm, Genoray or any other brand. You can always call us during our business hours toll-free at 1-877-283-3154.