4 Signs That Your C-Arm Might Need Maintenance

Healthcare industries have some of the greatest need for fully functioning, accurate equipment. But no machine lasts forever, and they all need occasional maintenance. Often, the more complex or powerful the machine, the more costly and problematic malfunctions can be. C-Arms are one such piece of equipment; large and high-powered, they need careful maintenance to perform their function. Some of that can be done by the technicians who operate it, but some may require professional repair or replacement. Here are some key indicators that your C-Arm made need maintenance.

SRAM Card Errors

Identifiable by the highly obtrusive “Checksum” error, a faulty SRAM card will definitely require professional replacement, as accessing it requires experience and specific tools. Fortunately, it’s an issue that any good repair service can spot and correct without much trouble.

Charger Failure

Often a more intimidating looking issue than it seems, if the C-Arm is having power problems, check first that the batteries are holding a charge. Sometimes it is a simple matter of needing to replace them, which can be done without any special training. However, if the problem persists it may indicate a charger board or HV tank problem, which will need professional attention.

Footswitch Problems

Issues with the footswitch are most commonly the result of human error, though they sometimes accumulate problems from debris on the ground. The best practice with these is to take your time, and treat them gently, and contact a service technician if you find that problems continue.

Poor Image Quality

If your C-Arm is turning out grainy, or fuzzy images, you will probably need to contact a repair service, as it usually means that particles have found their way into the CCD camera. Fixing it will require the specialized tools and training of a repair person.

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