3 Things to Expect From A Career In Radiology

The role of a radiologist is to use the latest in advanced imaging equipment to gather information about the human body to help identify anomalies and make diagnoses and evaluate an individual’s medical condition. It’s a somewhat unique role in the healthcare world and a career that can be highly rewarding. It’s our job at Pacific Healthcare Imaging to equip radiology professionals with the tech they need for their work. For those considering the industry, we’ve also got some things to consider and expect when entering the field.

Expect Options

Radiology is an entire career field. There are a variety of jobs that are part of it. In terms of education, the minimum requirement for entering the field will be an associate’s degree. If you invest the time, you will be able to find a position suited to your interests.

Be Aware of Career Differences

One thing you want to avoid while charting a course to a radiology career is getting different positions mixed up. The is frequently the case between radiology technicians and radiologic technologists. These are two of the main paths that radiology students follow. Technologists have more comprehensive positions than technicians, covering more advanced imaging equipment.


Like other healthcare fields, working with the equipment and patients in radiology requires certain licenses because of the health risks involved in improper use. Plan ahead of time to make sure that your licenses are in order before you start applying for work.

Radiology is a truly lifesaving field of work that has changed medicine since it was discovered and continues to change and improve it today. It’s an extremely worthwhile field of study, and your team at Pacific Healthcare Imaging works every day to keep it that way. Contact us today to learn more about the equipment radiology professionals use every day.