3 Best Practices for Maintaining Your Portable X-Ray Machine

The accuracy and speed of many forms of medical care depend greatly on how reliable your imaging equipment is, and mobile X-Ray machines are no exception. With mobility comes additional wear and tear that has to be accounted for to maximize the uptime of the equipment and in turn their utility to doctors and patients alike. Here are some helpful maintenance tips from your friends here at Pacific Healthcare Imaging.

Check Regulations and Registration

Because of how powerful it is, and the potential for harm from improper use, X-Ray equipment is well regulated at just about every government level. When you add new equipment to your inventory, start by getting it inspected by the proper authorities within the first year, though the sooner the better. It’s also ideal to have some technical professionals examine it to ensure all its parts are in good condition.

Establish a Maintenance Schedule

While some maintenance can be done as needed, not all care that these machines need will be immediately apparent. To help handle those situations, schedule regular maintenance with trained technicians on at least an annual basis.

Recognize Potential Problems

Even the tiniest cracks, debris or just smudges on the image receptor system of your X-Ray can have a significant impact on the accuracy of your images, presenting the risk of misdiagnoses. Learn how these problems manifest. You may not have the training to fix them yourself, but if you know how to recognize them you can get them repaired before they become serious.

The best way to ensure the health of your patients is to ensure the quality of your equipment, and Pacific Healthcare Imaging is here to help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more about how to maintain your equipment, or receive a quote on any of the refurbished machines in our inventory.