orthoscan used mini c-arm

There are two main types of C-arms: full-size C-arms and mini C-arms. When shopping around for used C-arms for your office, it’s important to take a moment to think about what your needs are. What types of procedures will you be performing with your C-arm? How much space do you have for the equipment? That way, you can decide if you should be shopping for a used full-size C-arm or whether you should be considering a used mini C-arm instead.

To help you decide, let’s first take a look at the differences between a full-size C-arm and a mini C-arm.

Mini C-Arms are, as their name suggests, smaller machines that are good for scanning extremities, like hands, wrists, feet, ankles, knees, etc. Whereas the full-size C-arm is large enough to scan any part of the human anatomy.

Because mini C-arms are smaller in size, that also means they’re much more easy to move around from room to room. They also offer easier image accessibility, and less radiation exposure. But, they are also more fragile than full-size C-arms, the images they produce are smaller and, overall, they are less powerful machines.

Full-size C-arms are more powerful, and there are a lot more full-size C-arms produced than mini C-arms, so there’s more selection for buyers. The biggest drawback of the full-size C-arm is simply space. They are really large machines, so you need to make sure your office or practice has a room that’s large enough to accommodate it.

Ziehm Vision used full-size C-arm

Really, though, the main reason you should purchase a used mini C-arm versus a used full-size C-arm is functionality. What types of scans do you most often need to perform for your patients? If you only need to scan extremities, then purchasing a used mini C-arm is a great choice. But, if you need to scan larger areas of the human anatomy, then it makes sense to find a room that can accommodate a full-size C-arm.

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