X-ray Tube Safety

How to Reduce X-ray Exposure During a Used C-arm Procedure

Where should I stand in relation to the X-ray tube during a used C-arm procedure? The scattered radiation from the patient comprises the main source of radiation dose to staff. Measurements have shown that scattered radiation from a patient’s body is more intense at the entrance side of the X-ray beam (i.e. on the side […]

Used Siemens Siremobile Iso-C C-arm

Room and Lead Shielding Requirements for Operating a C-arm

We are frequently asked by our customers that are purchasing used C-arms, “What size of room do I need for my C-arm?” So, we decided to put together a brief explanation that should answer this common question. The room where you intend to place your C-arm should be at least 11 x 13 feet. Keep […]