OEC 9900 Used C-Arm

Advice When Purchasing a Refurbished or Used C-arm

Before purchasing a used C-arm, you want to do the necessary research. Make sure you let the seller know that you would like to know all about their refurbishing process. Here are some questions to ask before purchasing a used C-arm: What are the specifics in the warranty and application packages? Do you offer a service […]

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Things to Consider Before Buying a C-arm System

If you recently considered purchasing a C-arm system, you might be gearing up to open up a pain management center, or you might just be looking to expand your services to add surgical procedures. So, we decided to compile a quick knowledge base to help you choose the right type of C-arm and also the […]

Used Siemens Siremobile Iso-C C-arm

Room and Lead Shielding Requirements for Operating a C-arm

We are frequently asked by our customers that are purchasing used C-arms, “What size of room do I need for my C-arm?” So, we decided to put together a brief explanation that should answer this common question. The room where you intend to place your C-arm should be at least 11 x 13 feet. Keep […]

Refurbished OEC 9800 C-Arm

Refurbished C-arm Guide: OEC Brivo Plus, OEC 9800 or OEC 9900?

OEC Brivo Plus C-arm The OEC Brivo Plus C-arm is a less costly device used for intra-surgical imaging. This budget C-arm manages to have some essential features. It can deliver an intuitive workflow while also providing strong wireless connectivity and Advanced Clear Intelligence imaging. The OEC Brivo Plus is perfectly suited for surgery centers that need an easy-to-operate, “point and […]

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Should You Buy the OEC 9800 C-arm or the OEC 9900 Elite C-arm?

So, you are shopping for an OEC C-arm and not sure about the differences between the OEC 9800 C-arm and the OEC 9900 Elite C-arm. Let me see if I can help you. If your biggest concern is budget, you’ll most likely choose the OEC 9800 C-arm, since the newer OEC 9900 C-arm model has […]