OEC 9900 Used C-Arm

Advice When Purchasing a Refurbished or Used C-arm

Before purchasing a used C-arm, you want to do the necessary research. Make sure you let the seller know that you would like to know all about their refurbishing process. Here are some questions to ask before purchasing a used C-arm: What are the specifics in the warranty and application packages? Do you offer a service […]

purchasing a c-arm system

Things to Consider Before Buying a C-arm System

If you recently considered purchasing a C-arm system, you might be gearing up to open up a pain management center, or you might just be looking to expand your services to add surgical procedures. So, we decided to compile a quick knowledge base to help you choose the right type of C-arm and also the […]

Refurbished OEC Elite 9900 vs. Used Ziehm Vision

Which is the Best C-arm? OEC Elite 9900 vs. Ziehm Vision

C-Arm Model > OEC Elite 9900 > Ziehm Vision Manufacture GE Healthcare Ziehm Imaging Used for Interventional fluoroscopic imaging Fluoroscopy Noteworthy feature(s) Advanced vascular I.Q. w/MTS, low dose Liquid cooling; 7.5 or 20 kW generator; SmartVascular Dose reduction features Low dose, pulse, laser aimer Low dose & pulsing generator >> X-RAY TUBE ANODE Maximum output […]

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Differences Between the OEC 6800 Mini C-arm HP and CP?

The OEC 6800 Mini C-arm is a perfect fit if you are performing on extremities. You can even use it for shoulder injections. This C-arm is an absolute workhorse! There is a question a lot of folks ask us about the packages, though, which is: What is the difference between the HP and CP? First of […]

C-Arm Purchasing Tips

Best OEC C-arm for Pain Management: OEC 9600 vs OEC 9800

OEC 9600 vs 9800: Which is the best OEC C-arm for Pain Management? You can be sure that both the OEC 9600 and OEC 9800 are excellent choices for a pain management facility. Although either one would suffice, there are some differences that should be noted. The OEC 9600 is almost half the cost of […]