OEC 9900 Used C-Arm

Advice When Purchasing a Refurbished or Used C-arm

Before purchasing a used C-arm, you want to do the necessary research. Make sure you let the seller know that you would like to know all about their refurbishing process. Here are some questions to ask before purchasing a used C-arm: What are the specifics in the warranty and application packages? Do you offer a service […]

purchasing a c-arm system

Things to Consider Before Buying a C-arm System

If you recently considered purchasing a C-arm system, you might be gearing up to open up a pain management center, or you might just be looking to expand your services to add surgical procedures. So, we decided to compile a quick knowledge base to help you choose the right type of C-arm and also the […]

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The Dangers of Buying Used C-Arms on eBay

There’s no denying the popularity of shopping for bargains on the Internet on sites like eBay and Craigslist. And when opening up a new practice or when looking to expand, doctors, who are often working with tight budgets, might be tempted to shop for complex medical equipment, like used C-arms, on one of these websites. […]

how much do c-arm rentals cost?

How Much Do Used C-Arm Rentals Cost?

Quite often, instead of purchasing or leasing a used C-arm, our customers will opt to rent a used C-arm from us instead. Three of the main reasons a customer may opt for one of our C-arm rentals are:

Used C-arms | OEC 9800 C-arm

Service Pricing for Used C-Arms

Whether you’re considering buying new C-arms or used C-arms, an important ongoing cost to consider is maintenance. You’ll want to ensure your C-arm is functioning properly so you can maximize its use in your hospital, clinic or office. Therefore, you’ll want to consider how much it will likely cost to service the various used C-arms […]