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When comparing a C-arm rental vs C-arm purchase situation one must take into consideration the many benefits of renting. Renting c-arm can offer the ability to quickly acquire needed equipment without hurting operational cash flow. In today’s medical business cash flow is one of the most important operational measures, and by renting you have the ability to keep your money working for you and not sitting in costly medical devices that become outdated with each new year. Some additional benefits include:

  • Low Monthly Rental Payments – Rent for less than purchasing
  • Low Down Payments – Renting C-arms provides you the ability to preserve capital for other areas of your business, instead of having it invested in a single piece of equipment.
  • New Specialties With Little Investment – Renting equipment allows you to start up a new specialty at your facility with little capital investment. This allows you to try it out prior to committing to a purchase.
  • Try Something Out Prior To Buying – Not sure you will like a specific make and model? Renting provides a chance to try it out for a few months to see how you like it.
  • No Maintenance Costs – Pacific Healthcare covers all equipment maintenance and repairs during the rental period.
  • Operational Expense – A C-arm rental can be written off as an overhead expense and often result in better tax breaks
  • Ability To Upgrade – You can upgrade your medical equipment at any time to something newer. Never be stuck with an out of date piece of equipment when something newer is out that you want


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