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X-Ray Machine

Avoiding Radiation as a Radiology Technician

Radiation has undoubtedly changed the way the medical world operates for the better. Being able to gather accurate and timely information about injuries, fractures, and much more in a non-invasive way has improved medicine a thousand-fold. For the most part, the radiation emitted by x-ray and C-arm machines is harmless to the patient. But how […]

Does Your C-Arm Need Maintenance?

4 Signs That Your C-Arm Might Need Maintenance

Healthcare industries have some of the greatest need for fully functioning, accurate equipment. But no machine lasts forever, and they all need occasional maintenance. Often, the more complex or powerful the machine, the more costly and problematic malfunctions can be. C-Arms are one such piece of equipment; large and high-powered, they need careful maintenance to […]

Male Doctor Showing an xRay Using Refurbished Medical Equipment

Is It Better to Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment?

MRI systems, portable x-rays, c-arms, and other medical equipment is vital for things to run smoothly in your hospital or doctor office, however, it also comes at a price. When a machine starts to malfunction or it’s time for an additional piece of equipment, it’s time to start thinking about budgets and how much you […]

X-ray Tube Safety

How to Reduce X-ray Exposure During a Used C-arm Procedure

Where should I stand in relation to the X-ray tube during a used C-arm procedure? The scattered radiation from the patient comprises the main source of radiation dose to staff. Measurements have shown that scattered radiation from a patient’s body is more intense at the entrance side of the X-ray beam (i.e. on the side […]

MediCap USB Image Capture

How to Use a MediCap USB200 to Share C-arm Images

Some of our customers who are just starting out have a very limited budget. Their only option is to purchase a used C-arm that does not have DICOM send. However, they still can send their images into PACS or network using a Medicap Digital Device (like the MediCap USB200), which is connected to your used C-arm. […]